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1 increase in size, volume or significance; "Her terror was magnified in her mind" [syn: magnify]
2 to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth; "tended to romanticize and exaggerate this `gracious Old South' imagery" [syn: overstate, exaggerate, overdraw, hyperbolize, hyerbolise, magnify] [ant: understate]
3 exaggerate or make bigger; "The charges were inflated" [syn: inflate, blow up, expand]
4 increase the volume of; "amplify sound" [also: amplified]

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French amplifier, Latin amplificare. See Ample.


IPA: WEAE /ˈæmp.lɪ.faɪ/


  1. To render larger, more extended, or more intense, and the like;—used especially of loudspeakers, telescopes, microscopes, etc.
  2. In the context of "transitive|rhetorical": To enlarge by addition or discussion; to treat copiously by adding particulars, illustrations, etc.; to expand; to make much of.
  3. To increase the amplitude of something, especially of an electric current.


to render larger etc.
to enlarge rhetorically
to increase amplitude

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add to, agent provocateur, aggrandize, aggravate, annoy, augment, ballyhoo, bloat, blow up, boost, broaden, build, build up, bulk, bulk out, burlesque, caricature, carry too far, charge, complete, crescendo, deepen, descant, detail, deteriorate, develop, dilate, distend, draw the longbow, elaborate, electrify, embellish, embitter, embroider, energize, enhance, enlarge, enlarge upon, enter into detail, evolve, exacerbate, exaggerate, exalt, exasperate, expand, expatiate, explicate, extend, fatten, fill out, galvanize, generate, go into, go to extremes, heat up, heighten, hike, hike up, hot up, huff, hyperbolize, increase, inflate, intensify, irritate, jack up, jump up, labor, lay it on, lengthen, loop in, magnify, make acute, make much of, make worse, maximize, overcharge, overdo, overdraw, overestimate, overpraise, overreach, overreact, oversell, overspeak, overstate, overstress, parlay, particularize, pile it on, plug in, provoke, puff, puff up, pump, pump up, put up, pyramid, raise, rarefy, rehearse in extenso, relate at large, sharpen, shock, short, short-circuit, sour, spell out, step down, step up, stiffen, stretch, stretch the truth, sufflate, supplement, swell, switch off, switch on, talk big, talk in superlatives, thicken, tout, travesty, turn off, turn on, unfold, up, widen, work out, worsen
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